Any Debbie Goh fans out there??

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Great news to all of the Debbie Goh fans out there!!
Before I proceed with the great news,
let me share with y'all a little bit background of Debbie Goh^^
Name: Debbie Goh (吴天瑜)
D.O.B: 8th November
Height: 173cm (5' 7")
Weight: 53kg
Nationality: Malaysian
Career: HK iCable's TV Host, Actress for Hong Kong & Malaysia movies & dramas
Facebook fanspage: 吴天瑜 Debbie Goh

Trivia: 1) Winner of Miss Malaysia Chinese International 1998
           2) Top 5 finalist of Miss Chinese International Pageant 1999
           3) Golden Award winner for the Most Popular Female Artist 2010
Movies & Dramas
Hong Kong & China:  
1) Skyline Cruisers| San tau chi saidoi 《神偷次世代》 (2000) - Apple
2) Summer Holiday | Ha yat dik mo mo cha 《夏日的么么茶》 (2000)   
3) 49 Days | Sai chiu 《犀照》  (2006) - Suzy 
4) Nothing Is Impossible | Ching yee kuen kuen 《情意拳拳》 (2006) - Mango 
5) Tuition Queen | Bu Xi Tian Hou 《补习天后》 (2007) - Agnes
5) Champions | Duo biao 《夺标》 (2008) 
6) My Ex-wife's Wedding | Gen Wo De Qian Qi Tan Lian Ai 《跟我的前妻谈恋爱》 (2010) 
1) Age of Glory | Qing Qian Nan Yuan 《情牵南苑》 (2008) - Mei gui (Rose)
2) Glowing Embers | Tan Xiang 《炭乡》 (2010) - Yao Feng
3) Age of Glory 2 | Qiang Qian Nan Yang  《情牵南洋》 (2010) - Ye Feng
4) Claypot Curry Killers (Estimated to be released on March/April 2011)
One of her recent pics after receiving the
Golden Award for the Most Popular Female Artist on 25th Sept 2010^^
Her gorgeous outfit by Bernard Chandran^^
She wore this to the Golden Award Ceremony on 25th Sept 2010~


Can't wait to know what is the great news to all of the Debbie's fans??
The great news is Debbie Goh 
has just personally designed a T-shirt for her fans!!
Debbie Goh has her own style about fashion^^
Her favourite style is Trendy + Casual which carried out in the design of this T-shirt.
Though it looks simple, but there's a great meaning behinds it!!
The 'rope' represents the unity between Debbie and her fans^^
It also represents the unbreakable love among Debbie and the rest of her fans^^
Anyone of you who wanna buy this T-shirt,
you can send an email to

If you would like to get to know more updates about Debbie Goh,
do join her fanspage at Facebook^^
p/s: she is very active in her FB fanspage!!


  1. fufu says:

    i know her but she doesnt know me >< i watched the moment she was crowned the title via astro n yrs ago :)

  1. she hass the same bday as ME!!!

    and she's taller.. and she's lighter!


  1. Lisa717 says:

    Dear fufu: are you serious?? u watched it b4?? I never watched it ler.. nvm nvm.. when u back msia in the future, i bring you to see her... erm, to b exact.. to see her restaurant in Jalan Ampang^^

    Dear goingkookies: wah.. u got the same bday with her? it's around the corner adi~~ let me wish u a very very happie advance bday ya!!

    hahhaa.. yes, she is very very tall n light!!!