My iPod Touch has lost!!!

Posted: 29 May 2010 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,


Gosh, I've LOST my dear lovelypod (iPod Touch)
where I won it from the Hyundai on9 contest!!!
Less than a year, I gotta say "Goodbye" to it already!!!
I can't really take it cz it's happened so SUDDEN!!

I lost it this morning and I suspected that my housemate stole it!!
Frankly, I have no solid evidence about it~~
My bf's nephew was the last one
who used it and he placed in the living room!!
Before we went out for breakfast this morning,
my housemate was still in the house..
After breakfast and reached home,
we found out that the iPod has gone 
and my housemate has already gone out to work!!
That's why I suspected my housemate did it 
cz there's no any sign of housebreaking!!
And now, I left this pic of me and my dearest lovelypod 
for me to treasure it in my heart forever~

My dear lovelypod: 
Thanks for being there for me when I'm bored & moody~
Thanks for always entertains me with your coolest applications~
It's my pleasure to have you in my life for less than a year~
Love you and I'm gonna miss you forever~~


  1. kenwooi says:

    sorry to hear about that.. next time be careful with the gadgets ya =)

  1. Lisa717 says:

    thanks for concern~ i will b more kful nez time^^