Sorry for my long absent~~

Posted: 10 December 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels: ,

Dear friends & readers,
I'm so so so so sorry of my long absent
from the blogsphere!!!

I was and I am still super duper busy at my own stuff~
I was not only busy working at the tuition centre
but I am also busy running my very own "virtual store"~~
Here you goes..
I named my "virtual store" (blogshop) as Miss LeeXaa~
D.O.B: 081209
[sounds "Ong" (prosperity) leh..]
I used LeeXaa cz it's kinda sounds like my name
& it sounds glamor too^^ (Doncha think so??)
What do I sell at this "virtual store"??
Personally, I love "ladies accessories" very much~
So, obviously I'm selling "ladies accessories"!!
Kindly visit and place your order
if you *heart* it and would like to own it!!!
There are varieties of X'mas themed earrings
in store just for y'all!!!

What ya waiting for??
Click [HERE]
to visit now & show your 100% support!!
Not forget,
since "Sharing is Caring",
kindly introduce to your fren about this "virtual store" ya!!!


  1. Haha...same D.O.B as my mum...keke! Will post the b'day celebration soon!

  1. Ken says:

    Same DOB as my dad. Seriously!

    Wow! U're such a multitask-er! Congratz for ur new online shop.
    Wish u 'sang yi heng long'.
    Lol =D

  1. wah...doing online busines...sure support u 100% ....good side income!

  1. Lisa717 says:

    dear uLi: wah~~ seriously o!!! Ha..will check out your mum bday post for sure!!!

    dear Ken: wakakkaa..sounds double happieness to me!!! Thanks for the wishes..ha..just wanna earn some side income!!

    dear Via:thanks bro!!!! wish ya the same too!!