Dedicated to my UTAR Besties & Friends^^

Posted: 24 March 2009 by Lisa717 in

Crappy Wrappy:
I m feeling kinda happie that I could blog again tonite. How are you guys today? Doing great? If yes, do thanks God for the goodness u've got today~ If no, do continue to praise God & pray to Him that 2mr will be a better day. Well, 2mr I m going to for a seminar which organise by my company. The seminar titled- Technical Analysis Training Program Preview at 7.30pm-9.30pm. It is a "must-go" seminar for me cz I have 2 learn those essential knowledge and info. in order for me to perform my job well. Wish me the best of luck ya~

I would like to thanks God 1st of all
that I got the enthusiasm to edit 2 photos
which I took on last 2 weeks convocation at Wisma MCA~

As usual,
I use the Paint software, to edit my photos.
Since I'm not expert in using
the adobe photo editor softwares,
these are the only I use the most
to edit all of my photos^.^

I'm proudly to present the 2 photos below
to my dearest UTAR besties and friends who
were also graduated with me on Mar 15 2009~

Dear my UTAR besties & friends,
hope you guys will love the photos below~
Wishing you guys have a bless and bright future!!

Without further delay,
let's check it out^^


I would like to apologise that I did not snap pic with all of my coursemates instead with some of them only. For those who are not in the pic above, please don't get mad. Do keep in mind that I will always miss you guys no matter you are in the above pic or no ya^^ Wish all of you the best of luck and all the best in the future undertakings~~


Lastly, I wanna dedicate the pic above to my dearest UTAR besties- Agnes & Joanne!! Hey.. I bet both of you do remember the nicknames we gave to each of us.. Once again, I wanna remind both of you on our nicknames via this pic~ It's my pleasure and honor to have friends like both of you. Thanks for everything.. Without your guidance and advice in my studies, I'm sure I couldn't do well in my exam.. Wishing our friendship is everlasting although we are apart now.. Keep in touch and I will miss both of you too..
Muakxxxxxx ^.^


That's all for today,
I gotta stop here cz
I'm rushing the chinese drama-
Iron Lady which on air at NTV7
from 10pm-11pm!!

Take care everyone
& May God bless you & your love ones~


  1. Joanne says: my memory I didnt hav any bad bad nick name ler...stupiak and so biao oso u ma...kekeke....aiyo..finally graduate feel like get old liao ler...

    Luckily my HEART still vyvyvy fresh and young oo...xixixi

  1. Lisa717 says:

    Who said u dun hav o..u oso call me so biao..u r oso so biao ma, stupiak!! wakakaka..u so easily feel old gah..yala..i knw u always young at heart's a good sign that u hav tat if u always say u getting old..then u will easily get wrinkles lo..

    dun forget tis sat we r goin to sing K ooo~~ tata..take k lo..muaksss^^

  1. Agnes says:

    gosh... miss those old day...
    suddenly I felt regret that I'm graduated. Can't see you guys liao! Want to hang out also need when I have holiday or maybe next year. Aiks... Love you both so much ler...

    So biao... Stupiak... Do always remember nen nen pot when nen nen pot was not around... Muaks~

  1. Joanne says:

    Then nen nen pot ghave to treat us when bek from s'gapore lol...Lisa...rite?