On the last day of February~

Posted: 27 February 2009 by Lisa717 in Labels:

In a glimpse of an eye, 2mr will be the last day of the month of February, and it is also the day that I will go back to KL to start a New Chapter of my Life which is to seek job and earn $$.

I've been stayed at my hometown for more than a month since January 10. There is a feeling of unwillingness to return back to KL as I have used to spend my time with my family and aunt during this holiday.

I've thought of to seek job at my hometown and other places in Sabah but I wanna gain experience to work in KL too. It's kinda complicated of what I want and feel right now. There's many things to consider especially in this struggling period of my life. I'm afraid I've chosen the wrong path for my future.

Between, I will pray to God always and always so that I can think twice and wisely in choosing which company and which industry that I want to work at. Dear all, do pray for me that I could excel in my job and my future as well.

At last, this is a short review of what I felt and thought right now. See u all again and God bless you all~


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