Cutie pics of Michael Phelps chilhood^^

Posted: 08 October 2008 by Lisa717 in

Wanna dedicate the below pics
to all of the Michael Phelps fans out there^^


I'm sure you guys would love
Michael Phelps cutie childhood pics~~


Please don't scream while you guys
viewing at his cutie pics ya~~
(Esp.the gurls out there)!!



Source: Newspic


  1. BLue says:

    my younger pic all not for show ;p

  1. ching says:

    wei... where u get it?? so geng le...

    yalo.. when he was a child very cute le.. but when become a teenager i think so so nia...

  1. Owh, i was updating my cbox layout just now so that's why there were some probs just now i guess..
    I hope because of that cause I've registered so many widgets and can remember which one is which anymore..
    huhu..the forgetful me! :D

    Thanks for adding me, since we've been blog hopping to one another it would be easier to be link up right.. :)

    Well, see the post of my blog then that's how my mood is..heh..
    God bless you too.. :)

    Owh,forgot to add..
    Cute pics when he was small but like his bod now, 6pack... :D

  1. Aerrox says:

    Who is this guy? Ching is right! ^^